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Transfer FSMO Roles 2008 R2 Domain Controller

First log into the domain controller you want to hold the roles and launch a command prompt and run the following:
 ntdsutil:  roles
 fsmo maintenance: connections
 server connections:  connect to server "domain controllers hostname"
you will now have confirmation of connection to the server
server connections:  quit
Now you are ready to transfer the FSMO roles.
fsmo maintenance:  transfer schema master
 fsmo maintenance:  transfer rid master
 fsmo maintenance:  transfer infrastructure master
 fsmo maintenance:  transfer pdc
 fsmo maintenance:  transfer naming master ("domain" not included when running from a 2008 DC)
You have now transfered all the FSMO roles to your 2008 R2 domain controller and can logout of ntdsutil
fsmo maintenance:  quit
 ntdsutil: quit

In order to confirm all FSMO roles have transferred to your desired destination run the following:
C:\users\admin>netdom query fsmo
Schema master     
 Domain naming master
 RID pool manager 
 Infrastructure master
 The command completed successfully.